Good Education VS Radicalization

According to my opinion, I am agree with National Education Minister Muhammad Nuh. He said that teachers played an important role in efforts to increase the spirit of tolerance and a sense of peace for young generation.

So far, there has been no effort that can be relied upon in reducing the influence of radicalism. So, the method of teachers who provide an understanding of the importance of peace is a very good step.

The moral, tolerance and peaceful harmony is a form of ‘peace building’ that very important to create by all people.

Moreover, if the method is used at all levels of formal education, it will give the extraordinary effect. Because the students keep on have an understanding ‘peace building’, finally in a psychological manner that is embedded on the mind of students.

The role of parents and guidance surrounding communities also take a significant role. So it takes cooperation from various parties, to realize Indonesian society far from radicalism.


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