According to my opinion, the action of WikiLeaks is a positive thing. Even by spreading confidential documents and being accused of violating the code of ethics of journalism, but WikiLeaks has a role to be a representative of the community who wants to know the truth.

In fact, WikiLeaks is able to publish and inform the public about corporate and government corruption. Then WikiLeaks also posted a video by the U.S. helicopter attack in Iraq in 2007 that killed dozens of people, including two journalists Reuters. WikiLeaks also boldly stated that video is a video ‘Collateral Murder. “That video is an effort to express criticism of the United States military for the attack.

A month before the publication of documents, WikiLeaks submitted it to the mainstream media to be learned. So, actually WikiLeaks still performs its obligation under the code of ethics in journalism. Then, WikiLeaks uses the “Crowdsourcing”, this is an effort to guarantee the validity of information provided.



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