Yogyakarta, Constitutional monarchy

A number of students believe that there is nothing wrong with Yogyakarta’s democracy.

“If all the people of Yogyakarta agree Sri Sultan become a Governor, it means that is democracy. ” Ema, 19th, managemen student from Paramadina University, said.

And according to Asri a psychology student in Paramadina university, “Let Yogyakarta to be Yogyakarta. Because, so far the government has no problem with this Yogyakarta democracy”.

Coupled with Setyawati opinion, “even though the monarchy, but the Yogyakarta administration system of constitutional monarchy. Thus it accordance with the rules given by the government of Indonesia. ”

Under the 1945 Constitution article 14 of the system of government, the presidential elections, governors, or regents must be democratic. Meanwhile, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X be a leader or a governor of Yogyakarta by the monarchy.



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